Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm...

This might not last very long...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sometimes he's brave...

So, I think Harry went through a weird phase because he knows something is coming...he's not quite sure what yet, but something!  (Update:  he's eating from his bowl again!)  Despite all his quirkiness and terrifiedness (sic), sometimes he can be brave...

This may look like a submissive pup on his back playing with his big brother, but don't be fooled!  Tru had been playing fetch with this squirrel (and me) and came back and dropped it.  Harry swooped in as soon as he had the chance!  He tried to play coy as he rolled on his back, but Tru had no chance of getting that squirrel back!  The sound effects are too cute....Truman moans and groans because he wants that toy so badly!

Then Harry went in for the kill!  He attacked the squirrel, and Truman knew he had no hope.  He stretched out his back legs, constantly wagging his tail, and gave up.  Sometimes Harry really is in charge!!!

On a side note, Truman absolutely knows something's coming, but he has fully accepted it.  No worries about him and baby!!! ;)
This is usually where he is when I can't find him!  Harry won't step foot in there!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

His new thing...

So just about a week ago, I noticed Harry acting weird around his food bowl.  He was minding his own business eating his food, and then I heard a bark.  Tru checked on him from the kitchen, and our house guest, aka Harry's BFF Ellie, also walked around the corner to see what was going on.  He barked again and ran away from his bowl, so I shooed the other pups away and let Harry continue on with his business.  NBD, right?

WRONG!  Every night from then on, he gets all excited to eat, but is terrified of his bowl.  He won't go near the darn thing!  I tried a different bowl, letting him eat directly from my hand and eventually moving it away to try to get him back in the bowl, but all to no avail.  Last night I (because I'm so sick of hand-feeding him) I decided to put his food on a paper plate because I thought maybe he just didn't like the constrictions of the bowl.

You can see how well that turned out...he STILL acts like a weirdo around the plate, and will only eat the food if I pour it on the ground.

Even then, he takes a few pieces as fast as he can, and then backs away to eat it.  It's like I'm torturing him!!!

This guy just sits and watches wondering why his brother is such a freak! ;)  I think he's also hoping that Harry will just give in to his general fear of the world, and then he will have a chance to swoop in on that leftover food! ;)

Thoughts?  Suggestions? 
For the love of Cesar, I need help!!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hey girl!

We had a fabulous long weekend at my brother's house in the beautiful bay area and spent lots of time with this girl!
Cleo, my favorite furry niece!

She's a little bit naughty...

And a little bit nice!

And super super cuddly!

  Love you, Miss Cleo!  Can't wait for you to meet our boys in July!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


These pups sure do love to cuddle!  Here is a little bit of cuteness to make you smile!
Harry rarely cuddles up right next to you...he usually naps on top of the couch.  Too sweet!

And Tru is always the first one up on the bed at night.  I was trying to take the blanket off the bed, but I couldn't pass up a cute photo-op!

And we can't forget about this guy!  Perhaps this is a glimpse into the future???

Happy Birthday, Peter!!!
Love you lots...we'll stick 28 more candles in your brownie tonight!!! =)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Gorgeous day...Outside enjoying it!Love you guys!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Boys, Boys, Boys! Plus one more boy...

 One boy...

 Two boys...

Three boys...

New boy...


Boys, boys, and more boys!  Do I even have a chance come July?
Good thing they're super cute (and they all let me dress them however I want)!!! =)
I should have a few good years of that with Baby Chrz, right?